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  • Classic Pedicure $27

    Include nail trim, shaping, cuticle and skin care, clean dead skin on the heels, with softener. Condition lotion and oil massage with hot towel and color of your choice.

    • Cut and Shape Nails
    • Clean Cuticles
    • Callus Removal
    • Lotion and oil massage
    • Hot Towel
    • Nails Polish
  • Deluxe Pedicure $35

    Our Delux pedicure consists of citrus-scented sugar scrub, your nail care includes cuticle

    • Foot mask
    • Clean heel and callus removal to leave your feet smooth.
    • Relaxing hot towel wrap, lotion with oil massage, and your choice of nail polish.
  • Herbal Spa Pedicure $45

    Herbal Spa pedicures include fragrant essential oils, dried herbs, unscented scrubs, mask, hot stone, lotion and massage oil. Herbal recipes often contain ingredients such unscented massage ok unrented gel base, and unscented mask base. To be creative, clients just choose the favorite scents and create their own special recipe.

  • Organic Spa Pedicure $52

    Organic Spa is a professional line of luxurious Spa products for pedicures, and other Spa Services, to provide a truly unique Organic Experience. Natural ingredients and Herbst extracts have extremely powerful and effective properties. Natural ingredients are safe, easily absorbed by the skin. Using natural. promotes health and wellness for your body.

    • Callus Removal, Paraffin Wax and Hot stone massage all included.

    1. Dead Sea Salt Soak cleanses and softens the feet.
    2. Sugar Scrub gently exfoliates and moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and silky.
    3. Moisture Mask restores the skin's natural hydration and deeply nourishes the skin.
    4. Massage Cream heals, conditions, and regenerate the skin, leaving it's smooth and hydrated.